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Welcome to Youíll find hundreds of Free Holiday and Everyday eCards and Free Holiday and Everyday Greeting Cards that are easy to send, beautifully designed and slightly bent. In addition Hipster Cards also features: Father's Day ecards, birthday ecards, thank you ecards, congratulation ecards and Holiday ecard greetings. Our free ecard greetings are also popular to send everyday as special occasion ecards, you will find these online ecard greetings: free birthday ecard, free anniversary ecard, free thank you ecard, free congratulations ecard, free thinking or you ecard, and free Iím sorry ecard messages in a wide range of styles and designs. Feel free to browse our wide range of free online eCard greetings including: flirty ecard, hip ecard, retro ecard, sexy ecard, gay ecard and slacker ecard themes.

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Get Well

Ecard: Sorry You're Not Feeling WellEcard: Time for a DoctorEcard: Get in the Pink
Ecard: Under the Weather?Ecard: Flowers for YouEcard: We Miss You
Ecard: The Will to LiveEcard: Being Sick SucksEcard: See a Doctor?
Ecard: Blue Skies AheadEcard: Sick DayEcard: Feel Better Soon
Ecard: Feeling Shitty?Ecard: From All of UsEcard: It really will get better
Ecard: Perk Up

Top Ecards

Most Popular

Ecard: Opposites AttractEcard: Twinkle Toes Bday..Ecard: You ROCK!..
Ecard: Too Hip for the Room..Ecard: Wheel of FortuneEcard: No Tell Motel
Ecard: Feeling Horny?Ecard: Bananas....tasty!Ecard: Great New Job
Ecard: What an Omen!Ecard: Shut the F*#!...Ecard: Thanks!...
Ecard: Girlfriends & GossipEcard: Hope U Feel BetterEcard: What a Horny Devil
Ecard: Time for TV!Ecard: Warm Weather, yeah!Ecard: Love Shack, Baby
Ecard: I've Got a QuestionEcard: Creepy ClownsEcard: Wanna Cuddle?
Ecard: Still Cool Chicks!Ecard: Now You're a Man!

Pets & Animals

Ecard: Monkey See & DoEcard: Puppy BirthdayEcard: So Sorry.....
Ecard: Miss you, DawgEcard: Your Purrfect BirthdayEcard: Chihuahua Birthday
Ecard: We Miss YouEcard: Cats & Dogs & FriendsEcard: Wish you were here
Ecard: Rex stole our Stash!Ecard: Go Do it!Ecard: Chicks & Dogs Dig Us
Ecard: Clowns + Dog=StrangeEcard: A Kitty ThanksEcard: What a Big Heart!
Ecard: I'm a Sorry PuppyEcard: Poodle LoveEcard: My Mom is Bitchin'
Ecard: Puppy + Mom= LuvEcard: Anniversary GreetingsEcard: My Hubby's Birthday
Ecard: For Pet Sitting....Ecard: Did I forget????Ecard: My Cat Protects Me
Ecard: I'll Marry my CatEcard: I want to be a CATEcard: Cat Fashion Abuse!
Ecard: You Can't Fool MeEcard: Cat vs. MouseEcard: Be very careful!
Ecard: Can't get away from meEcard: So sorry about your loss..Ecard: Hope U Feel Better
Ecard: You Sweet Black Cat!Ecard: Purrfect HalloweenEcard: Witchy Kitty
Ecard: Scardy Kitty CatEcard: You make me PurrrrrrEcard: You get me going
Ecard: Love IS blind!Ecard: For Pet Sitting....Ecard: Bitchen' Birthday
Ecard: I'm such a Stinker!Ecard: What a Chickie!Ecard: The Birthday Bitch
Ecard: You still got it!Ecard: It's a Dog!Ecard: It's a CAT!
Ecard: You are the Top DOG!Ecard: Holiday PussyEcard: Be Mine.....
Ecard: Cute but Deadly!

Let`s Go and .....

Ecard: Go for a HikeEcard: Let's spot celebsEcard: Yoga with Friends
Ecard: Walk the DogsEcard: Bowling, Anyone?Ecard: It's Time for TV
Ecard: Time for a SmokeEcard: Let's Go Clubbing

St. Patrick`s Day

Ecard: Get Lucky!Ecard: Time for Green BeerEcard: Classic style
Ecard: Lucky LeprechaunEcard: Kiss Me-I'm IrishEcard: Let's Drink Up!
Ecard: A Drunkard's PoemEcard: Lucky BarMaidEcard: Wear some Green
Ecard: Best Holiday, EVEREcard: Let's Get StupidEcard: Start Drinking NOW!
Ecard: Drinkin' & Fightin'Ecard: My Lucky CharmEcard: A Pint of Irish
Ecard: Green Candy!Ecard: Irish. Drunk. Lucky.Ecard: My pot of gold...
Ecard: Pot of GoldEcard: Luck of the IrishEcard: Guinness
Ecard: ShamrockEcard: BeerEcard: Irish Cupcake
Ecard: Rub me for some luck...Ecard: Shamrock Hat

Super Bowl 2012

Ecard: Let's Pretend to Like FootballEcard: Meat StadiumEcard: Watch The Super Bowl?
Ecard: The Real Reason to Watch the SuperbEcard: Puppy BowlEcard: Come Fly With Me

Mother`s Day

Ecard: My Wonderful MomEcard: Charming Weirdos...Ecard: My Stylish Mom
Ecard: One Hip MamaEcard: Tickled your my....Ecard: Singing your praises
Ecard: You're a Mad Charmer!Ecard: Classic Mom StyleEcard: Mom, your the Queen
Ecard: Sharing MotherhoodEcard: Wonder MamaEcard: One Beautiful Mama
Ecard: You are so Fly!Ecard: My Sweet MomEcard: WOW MOM
Ecard: my mom is #1Ecard: Mother's Day GrooveEcard: Mother's Day Wishes
Ecard: How Cute was I????Ecard: I was a bad, bad child!Ecard: You Make me Bloom
Ecard: A Pup and a BitchEcard: For all my MomsEcard: A Mother's Wisdom
Ecard: My Mom is a........Ecard: The Man I've BecomeEcard: Lucky with 2 Moms
Ecard: U Make me a SuccessEcard: Lots of Puppy LoveEcard: Thanks for the advice
Ecard: What a Mother!Ecard: Drive you to drink!Ecard: What a Geek I Was
Ecard: The Greatest MomEcard: Thanks for Some Wild...Ecard: You make me purrrrrr
Ecard: The Mom with it AllEcard: World's Best Mom!Ecard: One Foxy Mother!
Ecard: C'mon Get Happy


Ecard: Relax, it's your BdayEcard: Puppy PresentEcard: Swingin' Birthday
Ecard: Word is Out...Ecard: Twinkle Toes BdayEcard: Old Geezer
Ecard: Old Volks HomeEcard: Birthday FreakoutEcard: Belated Bday Wishes
Ecard: A Yoga BirthdayEcard: We Can Do It!Ecard: Calling to Say...
Ecard: One perfect boy....Ecard: Classic BirthdayEcard: Birthday Clown Freak
Ecard: Many Bday PresentsEcard: Birthday WishesEcard: Oldie but Goodie
Ecard: 90% DevilEcard: Your Fortune is....Ecard: Smokin' Birthday
Ecard: A Special PackageEcard: Cheery Birthday!Ecard: Office Gal Birthday
Ecard: From all of UsEcard: My SunshineEcard: Birthday Blue Skies!
Ecard: 90% AngelEcard: Classic Birthday WishesEcard: Blingy Birthday
Ecard: I know what you wantEcard: Bubbly BirthdayEcard: Blast off Birthday
Ecard: Kittens Go Crazy!Ecard: My Little BirthdayEcard: Cowboy Birthday
Ecard: You are now a MANEcard: Super Fantastic BdayEcard: Rave on, you Rocker
Ecard: Your Birthday Rocks!Ecard: My Hipster DadEcard: Wild Birthday!
Ecard: A Clownish BirthdayEcard: Catty Birthday WishesEcard: Sweet Bday Greetings
Ecard: Big Boy BirthdayEcard: Happy Birthday, Pardner!Ecard: My Catty Birthday Friend
Ecard: A Whale of a Birthday!Ecard: Crazy Cat Lady BirthdayEcard: Birthday Bacon
Ecard: Thrilling Birthday!Ecard: Birthday botoxEcard: Sweet Bday Wishes
Ecard: Ducky Bday WishesEcard: A Dear Little GirlEcard: Fashionable Birthday
Ecard: Happy Birthday, Mom!Ecard: Birthday Fun WishesEcard: Have a Leggy Bday!
Ecard: It's time to celebrate...Ecard: It's time to celebrate...Ecard: It's time to celebrate...
Ecard: It's time to celebrate...Ecard: It's time to celebrate...Ecard: It's time to celebrate...
Ecard: It's time to celebrate...Ecard: It's time to celebrate....Ecard: It's time to celebrate...
Ecard: It's time to celebrate...Ecard: It's time to celebrate...Ecard: It's time to celebrate...
Ecard: It's time to celebrate...Ecard: It's time to celebrate...Ecard: It's time to celebrate...
Ecard: That '70's FeelingEcard: Birthdays R4 BirdsEcard: Happy Birthday!
Ecard: Sorry, I forgot!Ecard: Eat your Cake!Ecard: One Cute Cupcake!
Ecard: Call the Cops!Ecard: A Birthday ScrewEcard: A Toast to You!
Ecard: You busy, busy BeeEcard: Wishing you lots of treatsEcard: CLEAN LIVING
Ecard: Have a Foxy BirthdayEcard: From the CatEcard: You Look Marvelous!
Ecard: Belated Birthday TreatsEcard: Birthday BoyEcard: Hot Diggity Dog
Ecard: Scary ClownEcard: Belated Bday CocktailEcard: Smooch On Your Bday
Ecard: Swinger B-DayEcard: A Pussy BirthdayEcard: Well Kept
Ecard: Cool CatEcard: Holy Shit, I'm OldEcard: She Looks Great...
Ecard: Beach BirthdayEcard: Spank YouEcard: Get Your Hairs Did!
Ecard: Aged Like WhiskeyEcard: Impractical GiftEcard: A Flea Birthday
Ecard: Love Your Gun!Ecard: Another Ear OlderEcard: Spring Chicken
Ecard: Birthday Hoot!Ecard: From Your PeepsEcard: Go Hog Wild
Ecard: Secret Birthday WishesEcard: Doggone Birthday!Ecard: Happy Birthday CHICA!
Ecard: You're a Classic!Ecard: Older, Yes. Wiser???Ecard: Purrrfect Birthday
Ecard: Break Some Rules!Ecard: Happy Birthday CupcakeEcard: Sweet Birthday Greetings
Ecard: I Forgot (bad dog!)Ecard: Birthday SplashEcard: A Juicy Birthday

Flirty & Sexy

Ecard: Fav Breakfast TreatEcard: Work me into a LatherEcard: Feeling Horny?
Ecard: Thinking of You..Ecard: I Sea Us TogetherEcard: Time to get Blasted
Ecard: I Won't Tell....Ecard: Humm....BananasEcard: Breakfast in Bed?
Ecard: Chicks Dig UsEcard: Room for Two (or 3)Ecard: Spring Break, baby!
Ecard: Be my VibratorEcard: Love & HappinessEcard: Love Shack, Baby
Ecard: Light My FireEcard: $25 CondomsEcard: Hard to See Love...
Ecard: Take a SEX pillEcard: Take a Bath....Ecard: Horny Lil Devil
Ecard: Mask my attractionEcard: My Favorite PositionEcard: Hot, juicy Hot Dog!
Ecard: Vibrators for sale?Ecard: I've Got a CrushEcard: That's SOME Mustache!
Ecard: My favorite positionEcard: Let's Do it!Ecard: How about a Kiss???
Ecard: Want to Clown Around?Ecard: Humm...I did enjoy it!Ecard: You make me Purrrrrr
Ecard: You get me goingEcard: Let's Make A FilmEcard: Seen One, Seen Em All
Ecard: I Dig Older GuysEcard: How About A Torrid Affair?Ecard: You're A Tease
Ecard: Your Mom is HOTEcard: Vacation PlansEcard: Let's Stay In
Ecard: Let's Have A NoonerEcard: Got It BadEcard: Not Tonight
Ecard: I Get A Kick Out Of YouEcard: Rubdown?Ecard: Hairy Dude
Ecard: I'm begging you!Ecard: You ANIMAL!

Random Cards

Ecard: Lets Get Trashed!Ecard: Monkey BusinessEcard: We've Moved!
Ecard: Express Yourself, babyEcard: What an Omen!Ecard: Shut the F*#!
Ecard: City vs. Country FolksEcard: Fun on Route 66Ecard: Naked Pajama Party
Ecard: Spring is Here!Ecard: Springtime HappinessEcard: Rex stole our Stash!
Ecard: My Ass is Small....Ecard: Guess What !!!!Ecard: California, here I come
Ecard: Summer fun is hereEcard: Don't Let this Happen!Ecard: I'm way too excited!
Ecard: Got a new address!Ecard: Divorce Cheers!Ecard: Computer Cramps
Ecard: What's that Smell???

Thank You

Ecard: You ROCK!Ecard: You Make it OKEcard: What U taught me
Ecard: Too CoolEcard: Thanks for the TipsEcard: Such Stylish Advice
Ecard: You're So SweetEcard: Thanks!Ecard: Flowery Thanks
Ecard: A Rose for YouEcard: How Cool are You?Ecard: A Yoga Thanks
Ecard: So much Thanks...Ecard: Thanks!Ecard: A Big Thank You!
Ecard: Kitty say ThanksEcard: You are the Best!Ecard: You Rock
Ecard: A special thanksEcard: Shiny Happy ThanksEcard: Feeling So Special
Ecard: Thanks for Dinner!Ecard: Thanks for DrinksEcard: Thanks for Lunch
Ecard: Big Thank YouEcard: Big Thank YouEcard: Thanks from the Team
Ecard: Thanks!Ecard: Waaay too much fun!Ecard: Saved My A**
Ecard: Thanks for Dog SittingEcard: Thank you for Cat SittingEcard: Call to say Thanks!
Ecard: Mucho Thanks!Ecard: Thanks for being SuperpoweredEcard: Thanks for everything
Ecard: Thanks for being such aEcard: You make me feel specialEcard: Wonder woman
Ecard: Thanks a Bunch!Ecard: What a Gift!Ecard: How did you know??


Ecard: New Job!Ecard: Wedding Joy!Ecard: A new baby BOY!
Ecard: A new baby GIRL!Ecard: now what???Ecard: Guess who's Pregnant?
Ecard: Happy Wedding Joy!Ecard: Engagement WishesEcard: You're looking good!
Ecard: Special Congrats!Ecard: Lots & Lots of Luck!Ecard: Big Congrats!
Ecard: Congrats on the weight lossEcard: Congrats!Ecard: Happy Wedding Joy!
Ecard: Such a Star!Ecard: You So Deserve a...Ecard: Congrats On The New Gig
Ecard: Congrats!Ecard: Time To QuitEcard: Baby Jack?
Ecard: Cheers!Ecard: Give 'em Heck!Ecard: A Toast to You!

Valentine's Day

Ecard: She's Your ValentineEcard: You Make me LaughEcard: You Rev Me Up!
Ecard: Be My DuckyEcard: You BBQ my HeartEcard: Meat versus Candy
Ecard: Boys + Boys=LuvEcard: Stolen my HeartEcard: You're On Fire
Ecard: You're PurrfectEcard: You Pierce my HeartEcard: Get my motor going
Ecard: Kitty's in LuvEcard: Love MailedEcard: Happy to Beg
Ecard: Gangster of LoveEcard: Pussy ValentineEcard: Paris Would be a Bore
Ecard: Birds of a FeatherEcard: Climb into Your HeartEcard: Can-Can
Ecard: We Will Eat CakeEcard: Heavy PettingEcard: Dead to me, baby
Ecard: Lose the ChocolateEcard: Facebook FriendEcard: Dreadfully Yours
Ecard: Fear Me, BabyEcard: Time to Frolic?Ecard: You Kill Me
Ecard: You Multiply MeEcard: I'm Sweet on YouEcard: Sweep Me Away
Ecard: You're in my HeartEcard: You Warm my HeartEcard: Bingo!
Ecard: I'm so Lucky!Ecard: You make me Blush!Ecard: You own my heart
Ecard: I love youEcard: Piece of ArtEcard: It all adds up
Ecard: You Rock my WorldEcard: My Heart PoundsEcard: Someone loves you
Ecard: My Love is DeepEcard: Let's be Bad!Ecard: I've Got a Quarter!
Ecard: A Little Lion LoveEcard: For Mom....Ecard: I'm Sharing the News
Ecard: Be My Tweet HeartEcard: You are so bubbly!Ecard: The Good Ol' Days
Ecard: Valentine CheerEcard: You Make me SwoonEcard: Just like a rose...
Ecard: Love my JobEcard: I Lose my Head...Ecard: I'm off balanced....
Ecard: Hard to wait for youEcard: You're in my HeartEcard: Love & Happiness
Ecard: Be Mine.....Ecard: Happy Valentine's DayEcard: Love Mailed
Ecard: Glad things worked outEcard: Be My ValentineEcard: Will you be mine?
Ecard: Happy Valentine's DayEcard: Ruler of My HeartEcard: You've Pierced my Heart
Ecard: I Heart YouEcard: My teddy bear....Ecard: Gossip and Girlfriends!
Ecard: My little muffin headEcard: Take me anywhere,,,Ecard: You're a Classic
Ecard: My little pet....Ecard: I'm Seeing SomeoneEcard: Girlfriends 4ever
Ecard: Our Retro RomanceEcard: Roses are Red....Ecard: Bee Mine...
Ecard: Our Love ShackEcard: Life is ThrillingEcard: Imagine the Odds
Ecard: Had Me at BBQEcard: Hot & SpicyEcard: No ifs, ands or buts
Ecard: Nuts about YouEcard: One cute chick...Ecard: One Cute Cupcake!
Ecard: Make Me Sing!Ecard: My Veggie ValentineEcard: Valentine's Day Sucks
Ecard: You've Grown on MeEcard: Let's Get Frisky!Ecard: You Wild Thang
Ecard: Love is BlindEcard: We Belong TogetherEcard: What a Mom!
Ecard: You or Chocolate???Ecard: Handcuff my HeartEcard: Wag my Tail
Ecard: Happy, Shiny ValentinesEcard: Luv my CoffeeEcard: Love Shack Baby!
Ecard: What a Fox!Ecard: So Joyful!Ecard: You Bug Me....
Ecard: Shaken or StirredEcard: I Love UEcard: HOT!
Ecard: Your Body PartsEcard: Big HeartEcard: Be Mine
Ecard: I'm HookedEcard: You're an EyefulEcard: You Like me Best
Ecard: Your Biggest FanEcard: Got My Eye on YouEcard: Vday Dog
Ecard: You Are A-PeelingEcard: Vday Truckstop TreatsEcard: Here's To You, Kid
Ecard: Quiche Me!Ecard: Bottom LineEcard: You're My Kitten
Ecard: Just My TypeEcard: Nude MoodEcard: Life Partner
Ecard: Let's Shop!

Yoga a Go Go

Ecard: Happy Yoga BdayEcard: Feeling a bit blue?Ecard: Thanks for being U
Ecard: Cat Yoga FunEcard: Making it EasyEcard: Belated Bday Wishes

Thinking of You

Ecard: Just to say hi....Ecard: Feeling a bit blue?Ecard: Miss You...
Ecard: Too Hip for the RoomEcard: You're a NaturalEcard: Girlfriends & Gossip
Ecard: Freud AdviceEcard: Please Call Me!Ecard: Middle of Nowhere
Ecard: Lost without YouEcard: Lost without You..Ecard: Can U See the Good?
Ecard: Go For it!Ecard: Friends & Cats & DogsEcard: Wish You Were Here
Ecard: You make it SO......Ecard: Off you Go.....Ecard: Retro Poodle Love
Ecard: What a Player!Ecard: You are too hip...Ecard: Boss New Ride!
Ecard: Fashionable WheelsEcard: Your Ride is HOT!Ecard: It's time to chat!
Ecard: Having a great time!Ecard: Keep Calm and Carry OnEcard: What a Smuck!
Ecard: You want I should beg?Ecard: Dreaming of youEcard: Hi


Ecard: Ducky EasterEcard: Kitty Easter GreetingsEcard: To my Husband....
Ecard: Easter GladnessEcard: To my Son.....Ecard: Artistic Easter
Ecard: Little Girl EasterEcard: Bunny & Ducky EasterEcard: Easter Wishes
Ecard: Loving Easter WishesEcard: Happy EasterEcard: Wild Easter Birdies
Ecard: Easter Egg HappinessEcard: Easter PeepsEcard: Crazy Birds
Ecard: Happy EasterEcard: Freaky Easter BunniesEcard: Gimme Chocolate!
Ecard: Love that Easter bunny!Ecard: To My Peeps!Ecard: Yummy Easter
Ecard: Have a stylish Easter

New Baby

Ecard: A new Son....Ecard: A Baby Boy?Ecard: Congrats!
Ecard: Welcome, New Baby!Ecard: A New Arrival.....Ecard: Delivery Stork
Ecard: Big Baby BoyEcard: It's a Big BabyEcard: new ducky baby!
Ecard: Welcome Baby Boy!Ecard: Welcome Baby Girl!Ecard: What a Baby!
Ecard: Welcome New Baby!Ecard: Time To QuitEcard: Baby Jack?

Tiny Confessions Valentines

Ecard: How I express my LoveEcard: Rampant with LoveEcard: Oddly Endearing
Ecard: Could You Love?Ecard: Some Pug LoveEcard: I am Curious


Ecard: We're still cool chicks!Ecard: Congrats on the weight lossEcard: Hey, Let's Catch Up
Ecard: You're one stylish Mama!Ecard: My Favorite FriendEcard: You have such style!
Ecard: Say What????Ecard: Does my ass look fat?Ecard: Your Ride is HOT!
Ecard: Did you hear???Ecard: Let's Catch Up!Ecard: You are the hippest!
Ecard: Girlfriends & Gossip 4everEcard: Yoga with FriendsEcard: Feeling a bit more centered?
Ecard: Hon, you can't shock me!Ecard: I'm So Not a BitchEcard: Shopping Therapy
Ecard: Time for FUN!Ecard: Let's Get Together!Ecard: So I may be a Bitch
Ecard: Who doesn't hate their job?Ecard: Why I Married this DorkEcard: How do you do it?
Ecard: E-Dates SuckEcard: Online Dating ResultsEcard: Dating Clowns
Ecard: Cocktail TimeEcard: Manhattan GogglesEcard: You are such a C...
Ecard: Girl's Night OutEcard: JailbaitEcard: Pre Period
Ecard: Go NuclearEcard: Earth ManEcard: You Are A Slut
Ecard: My TypeEcard: Congrats!Ecard: Adjust Your Junk
Ecard: Our Stories!Ecard: False EyelashesEcard: Hair Of The Dog
Ecard: No Tell MotelEcard: I Need SomeEcard: Well Kept
Ecard: Two Buck ChuckEcard: Crazy Cat LadyEcard: Future Ex
Ecard: Store CreditEcard: I Get A Kick Out Of YouEcard: Guess What?
Ecard: She Looks Great...Ecard: You SuckEcard: You're A Beard
Ecard: Sugar DaddyEcard: Get Your Hairs Did!Ecard: Who Farted?
Ecard: Gossip GirlEcard: Sugar DaddyEcard: Beard Love
Ecard: You're TrashyEcard: Impractical GiftEcard: Let's Shop!
Ecard: You're CheapEcard: You're A TeaseEcard: Star Lust
Ecard: Hairy DudeEcard: So Not RealEcard: Seen One, Seen Em All

Retro Styles

Ecard: Hon, Nothing Shocks MeEcard: That's SOME Mustache!Ecard: Summer Hot Dog Fun
Ecard: Way Too CoolEcard: It's TV Time!Ecard: Birthday Oil Job
Ecard: It's Party Time!Ecard: Smokin' BirthdayEcard: All My Love....
Ecard: Boss New Ride!Ecard: I'm way too excited!Ecard: I want to marry my cat!
Ecard: Girl, that's a sweet rideEcard: Just for Kicks....Ecard: The Holiday Bitch
Ecard: Naughty or Nice?Ecard: Who's Naughty?Ecard: Merry Christmas!
Ecard: The joys of childhoodEcard: One Stylish Reindeer!


Ecard: New Fall Wardrobe

Mat Kearney

Tiny Confessions Mother's Day

Ecard: Let's Watch our StoriesEcard: Love, the LabEcard: We share so much
Ecard: Poodle LoveEcard: Lay on your Lap

Father`s Day

Ecard: Daring, Darling, DADEcard: Happy Father's DayEcard: To My Dear Dad
Ecard: Puppies and DaddiesEcard: From your little girl..Ecard: Rootin' Tootin' Dad
Ecard: It's Your Day, DadEcard: My Clownish DadEcard: Hey, Daddy-O
Ecard: What you've taught meEcard: A Very Special PresentEcard: Drink Up, Dear Dad!
Ecard: You've Got BallsEcard: Pabst Blue Ribbon DadEcard: Hey there big slugger!
Ecard: Your friend JackEcard: Coolest Dad EVEREcard: You Go, Daddy-O
Ecard: You're the top PopEcard: Mom, you do it all!Ecard: You taught me to fish...
Ecard: My Hipster DadEcard: My Dad's Poker FaceEcard: It's Dad's Day!
Ecard: Extraordinary DadEcard: My Partner in LoveEcard: The BBQ King!
Ecard: Let's Play Fetch, Dad!Ecard: Drink Like a Man!Ecard: Smokin' Father's Day
Ecard: My Great DadEcard: Strong, Wise & Fun!Ecard: My Two Dads
Ecard: Happy Father's DayEcard: My Favorite Grill KingEcard: World's Best Dad!

Tiny Confessions Birthday

Ecard: Retriever Birthday WishesEcard: Kitty Birthday WishesEcard: Robot Birthday Wishes
Ecard: Yorkie Birthday WishesEcard: Zombie BirthdayEcard: Pug Birthday Wishes
Ecard: Bday Wishes from the CatEcard: Bulldog Birthday Wishes

Pulp Fiction

Ecard: Swamp BreedEcard: The Queer SistersEcard: The Tigress
Ecard: Hell to PayEcard: The Lewd AngelEcard: Earth Men on Venus
Ecard: The Ship of IshtarEcard: The Princess of the AtomEcard: Isle of Wantons
Ecard: Television TrampEcard: Farm GirlEcard: Burial of the Fruit!
Ecard: D is for DeliquentEcard: Jailbait!Ecard: Lust for Love
Ecard: Night Club GirlysEcard: All Shook UpEcard: Star Lust!


Ecard: Chopped Liver!Ecard: Hide the Matzah!Ecard: The 4 Questions
Ecard: You want I should beg?Ecard: Let's hope it's Kosher


Ecard: Gotta Loosen My Belt!Ecard: Looking Forward to the Feast!Ecard: Thanks for the Turkey!
Ecard: YUMMY!Ecard: Tofurky

Valentine's True Confessions


Ecard: Sweet Kitty HalloweenEcard: Halloween BeauEcard: Boo!
Ecard: The Witch!Ecard: Bizarre PumpkinEcard: Sweet Halloween
Ecard: Witchy HalloweenEcard: Witchy HalloweenEcard: Purrfect Halloween
Ecard: My Wicked WebEcard: Friendly PumpkinEcard: Friendly Black Cat
Ecard: BOO!Ecard: You Scardy CatEcard: Have a Hairy Halloween
Ecard: You cute Pumpkin!Ecard: Werewolf Woman!Ecard: Hombre Loco!
Ecard: Scary, Sexy Monster!Ecard: Have a Sweet HalloweenEcard: You Sexy Witch!
Ecard: Boo! It's Halloween!Ecard: Trick or Treat?Ecard: You Naughty Witch!

Special eCards from our Friends!


Ecard: Felt with the HeartEcard: Gift SuggestionsEcard: Wave a Magic Wand
Ecard: Joy and LaughterEcard: Light it UpEcard: A Cozy Xmas
Ecard: A Plymouth for XmasEcard: A Pussycat XmasEcard: Open your Heart
Ecard: Thanks for the Swell GiftEcard: Holiday StyleEcard: Slinky Holiday
Ecard: Have a Yummy HolidayEcard: Keep Calm and Kiss OnEcard: Merry, Happy, Merry...
Ecard: Seasons GreetingsEcard: That Time of the YearEcard: Puss and Boots
Ecard: The Stocking KittyEcard: To my aunt, Merry...Ecard: Holiday Kittens
Ecard: Puppy GreetingsEcard: A Merry TreeEcard: Happiest Holidays
Ecard: Santa's Little GirlEcard: Candy Cane ChristmasEcard: Good Little Kiddies
Ecard:'re so sweet!Ecard: Ho! Ho! Ho!Ecard: Happy Whatever
Ecard: Light Up the HolidaysEcard: All Santa's CreaturesEcard: What Santa Knows...
Ecard: Flying SantaEcard: Merry ChristmasEcard: Peace. Love. Joy.
Ecard: Let it Glow!Ecard: Time for Holiday Cheer!Ecard: Have a Retro Xmas
Ecard: Friggin' Freezing!Ecard: Retro Holiday FunEcard: Tropical Holiday Fun
Ecard: So Many Presents!Ecard: What Holiday Cheer?Ecard: Dig that Rudloph
Ecard: Naughty Little ElvesEcard: Horny Fruitcake!Ecard: Vodka + Gingerbread= Yum
Ecard: Deco Holiday GreetingsEcard: Bitchy HolidaysEcard: Holiday Pussy
Ecard: Dig those wild elves!Ecard: Holidays make me HornyEcard: Be Jolly, damnit!
Ecard: Misteltoe MadnessEcard: Candy Cane OverdoseEcard: Peace in the Office!
Ecard: My Secret SantaEcard: You Naughty Girl!Ecard: Naught or Nice?
Ecard: You Stylish Deer!Ecard: Twinkle TwinkleEcard: That's SOME eggnog
Ecard: Holiday Groovy Joy!Ecard: Holiday HappinessEcard: Holiday Dreamin'
Ecard: Fruitcake LoveHateEcard: He's Jewish?Ecard: Stuff My Stocking?
Ecard: Go, Santa, Go!Ecard: Merry Christmas!Ecard: Holidays in Florida
Ecard: You Fruitcake, You!Ecard: Warm Holiday Cheers!Ecard: Wild Sleigh Rides!
Ecard: Have a Deco HolidayEcard: Christmas GreetingsEcard: Those Crazy Elves!
Ecard: Go, Kitty, Go!Ecard: Duck the Halls!Ecard: The Xmas Kitty
Ecard: Who's that Kitty?Ecard: Holiday Kitty LoveEcard: A Kitty Holiday
Ecard: Doggone Holiday!Ecard: Holiday Fun!Ecard: Holiday Kisses
Ecard: Purrfect HolidayEcard: Are we re-gifting?Ecard: Get me some therapy!
Ecard: Office Party Slut!Ecard: Fine Holiday Spirits!Ecard: Gay Tidings
Ecard: Beer! The perfect giftEcard: What a Special Gift!Ecard: Thanks SO much
Ecard: Christmas state of mindEcard: Santa knows what you want!Ecard: THANKS!
Ecard: Gift of Time and LoveEcard: You Must Be Psychic!Ecard: Love it!


Ecard: All Gelt, No GuiltEcard: Hanukah FrenchiesEcard: Let's Spin!
Ecard: Happy HanukkahEcard: Hannukah BushEcard: Spin the Dreidle
Ecard: Oy Vey!Ecard: Happy Christmukkah!Ecard: Oy! to the World!
Ecard: Joy Vey!Ecard: What me, Greedy?Ecard: Hanukkah Gelt

New Years

Ecard: Happy New Year!Ecard: Rock Out!Ecard: A Sparkling New Years
Ecard: Hope you had funEcard: Starting the year together!Ecard: Hello New Year!
Ecard: Have a Fab New Years!Ecard: Hangover Cure

Love Guru

What Was I Thinking

Ecard: You Could Do Worse..


Ecard: False Eyelashes

Modern Life

Ecard: Earth ManEcard: Two Buck ChuckEcard: Bad News, Honey...
Ecard: Let's AdoptEcard: Hair Club For Mad MenEcard: Online Dating Results
Ecard: Tweet My LoveEcard: E-Dates Suck


Ecard: Our Stories!Ecard: Let's Stay InEcard: Hair Of The Dog
Ecard: No Tell MotelEcard: Let's Have A NoonerEcard: You're My Kitten
Ecard: Got It BadEcard: Future ExEcard: Store Credit
Ecard: I Get A Kick Out Of YouEcard: Light Up My LifeEcard: Rubdown?
Ecard: Let's Run AwayEcard: Vacation PlansEcard: How About A Torrid Affair?
Ecard: I Dig Older GuysEcard: Tweet My LoveEcard: Let's Make A Film
Ecard: E-Dates SuckEcard: Need some affection?Ecard: Coffee Love

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